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Cities are the centers of business across the state. About three in four workers are employed in cities, and over 80 percent of all retail purchases - the stuff you buy - happen in Kentucky cities. Downtowns are still the most dense areas of cities, so they don't typically have sprawling malls and parking lots like the suburban areas.

City leaders often reach out to leaders in the business community to address their needs and help create and retain jobs. The larger cities usually have a chamber of commerce, a local group that promotes and protects the interests of the business community. Not only do city leaders want to hear about the issues important to businesses, but they typically provide a lot of tax revenue to the city (see the sidebar).

Businesses Pay, Too

Businesses usually pay taxes to city governments for a variety of services they receive. These can include streets, sidewalks, street lights, police and fire protection, garbage and recycling, and business/tourism promotion. In the downtown areas, cities often provide other things like benches, fountains, banners, festivals and parades, and parking. The larger cities even have bus stops to help bring people downtown to shop and explore.

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