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Elected city officials, city employees, and city residents play an important role in shaping their community. In fact, Kentucky cities must develop and update a comprehensive plan that directs the future growth and development of the community. These plans are developed with considerable public input, and they must include goals and objectives as well as plans relating to land use, transportation and community facilities. They usually address other elements such as housing, urban redevelopment, historic preservation, and conservation. 

City leaders also try to make sure that all residents have housing that is affordable to them. They often do some or all of the following to help make housing affordable in the community:

  • Attract and retain good paying jobs for residents.
  • Provide incentives for developers to offer housing to low-income families.
  • Connect with community nonprofits to educate citizens about housing programs.
  • Build or redevelop housing for low-income families.

But that's not all. City employees often help ensure that your home and major projects related to it are safe by enforcing state and local building codes. These rules govern how houses are built, how eletrical work is done, and how most other construction-related projects are completed. Cities enforce these codes by requiring building permits, conducting safety inspections, and certifying that the work is up to code. If you don't do this, you could be fined and your home or project could be condemned (ruled "unfit" for use).

How Would You Plan a City?

Even if you're too young to vote, a city's comprehensive plan is important for you, too! These plans direct the future growth of the community, all of which can impact you. Here are just a few of the many questions involved in a city's comprehensive plan:

  • If you could plan a city, what would be important?
  • What do you like about your city?
  • What do you not like about your city?
  • What would make your city better?

Even if you aren't an elected official or a city employee, your opinion is important! After all, you live in the city, too! Encourage your family members to get involved in these planning discussions to help ensure you have a great community for years to come!

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