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Kentucky cities spend over $150 million a year, or about $65 per city resident, on parks and recreation services. City parks can be as small as a street corner with a park bench or as large as over one square mile (about one mile long by one mile wide). They often contain walking trails, benches, playgrounds, open areas, and plenty of trees and landscaping. Many focus on sports-related activities, such as golf, Frisbee golf, tennis, hiking, basketball, baseball, softball, football, soccer, skateboarding, and more. They can include water features such as swimming pools, splash pads, fountains, creeks, ponds, and waterfalls. They might even have park areas just for dogs!

Cities also may have recreation programs, such as sports leagues for adults or children, nature education programs, swim lessons, summer camps, music concert series, movie nights, and much more. Although festivals are largely seen as a tourism activity meant to bring visitors to the community, city parks and recreation staff and facilities often play a large role in those events. Larger cities even have community centers, park shelters, or senior citizen centers, where residents can gather to talk, play games, and participate in other activities. Some cities even have art, science, and/or history museums!

People love being around parks, so it's important to keep them clean. Whenever you have a picnic or play in a park, be sure to clean up your litter. No one wants to see trash around in these beautiful spaces!


Put the 'FUN' in Funds!

Parks and recreation activities are mostly funded by local taxes. However, sometimes cities charge fees to use certain facilities or do certain things. For example, if you go to the public pool, you'll probably have to buy a pass to get in. If you play in your city's little league, you likely have to pay a fee to participate. However, cities try to keep fees as low as possible so as many residents - both young and old - can participate!

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