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City governments provide a wide range of services. Some city governments are very large organizations with thousands of employees and provide many different types of services. Other cities have only a few employees and provide only the most necessary public services, such as water supply, wastewater treatment and garbage collection.

It might seem like you don’t use any city services, but I bet you turned on the faucet this morning to brush your teeth, get a drink of water or take a bath/shower- that means you may have used city water depending on what type of water services your city utilizes.

If your city provides water treatment services, your parents or guardians receive a bill each month for the services that are used. These bills are considered “user fees” because they are charges for services provided to city residents. The fees collected go towards improving services, buying new equipment or making repairs to the water infrastructure in your community. That includes things like the miles and miles of pipes that bring the water to your home and school.

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