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Each county or city pays for its own fire department. Some firefighters even sleep at the fire station in case there is a fire during the night. In some areas, like smaller more rural cities, firefighters are volunteers. Volunteer firefighters have other jobs, but when there is a fire, they are there to help.

Firefighters work to put out fires that start in your community and they help teach adults and children how to prevent fires from starting. You may remember a firefighter visiting your school and teaching you how to STOP, DROP, and ROLL if your clothes catch on fire. 

Firefighters drive rescue trucks or ambulances. The firefighters that work together and ride on these vehicles are called a company. Every member of the company has a specific job to do to help keep the community safe. Fire engines carry water and equipment like hoses, water pumps, axes and fire extinguishers which all help to put out fires and keep your community safe.


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