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Kentucky cities are centers of economic and cultural activity. More than half of Kentucky residents live in cities, and many more work and play in cities. Some of the key pieces of infrastructure are bridges, streets, and sidewalks. These are designed and maintained for people to drive, walk, and ride on, and they are vital to the local economies.

Kentucky cities spend over $270 million per year on streets and roads. This includes the construction and reconstruction of city streets as well as snow removal during the winter.

Share the Road

In crowded downtown areas, bicycles are not supposed to use the sidewalks. In the rural areas, there usually aren't sidewalks alongside the roadways. So, at least in those areas, car drivers must be very aware if bicyclists are around. Even if you ride your bike on the sidewalk, make sure you are very careful when crossing the street and only cross at crosswalks or intersections. If available, use a crossing guard when going to and from school. If biking, always wear your helmet and have your family report to the city any sidewalks that are in need of repair!

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