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What is Local Government?

Lesson Plan 1: Discovering What's Special About Your Community 

Lesson Plan 2: Distinguishing Local Government From State and National Government 

Lesson Plan 3: Identifying Government and Non-Governmental Services in Your Community 

What Does Local Government Do for Me?

Lesson Plan 4: Exploring Local Government Services 

Lesson Plan 5: Recognizing Local Government Services as a Part of Your Life

Lesson Plan 6: Reviewing Public Safety Services 

How Are Local Government Leaders Chosen?

Lesson Plan 7: Introducing Local Elected Officials 

Lesson Plan 8: Campaigning and Voting 

Who Manages Local Government?

Lesson Plan 9: Introducing Mayors and City Officials 

Lesson 10: Meeting With a Mayor or City Official 

How Does a Local Government Collect and Spend Money?

Lesson Plan 11: Paying for Local Government

Lesson Plan 12: Spending by Local Government 

Lesson Plan 13: Preparing a Budget 

How Do I Make a Difference?

Lesson Plan 14: Getting Your Opinion Heard 

Lesson Pl an 15: Supporting Your Community 

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