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Download a sample news release.   

Media & Social Media Tips 

  • If you have a long standing relationship with your local/regional media, pick up the phone and call a reporter about City Goverment Month (CGM) activities. Go over the details of CGM and invite the media to be part participate in activities.  The best way sell the value of the program is to show the public that children are learning!  
  • Ask media to promote what's happening throughout the month. 
  • For specific CGM events, give media no more than a week's notice about your events- they are used to working on the fly!
  • Give media a reminder call/email a day or two before your event to confirm.  
  • Email news releases and be sure to link to
  • Email reporters that cover schools, city goverment and features.
  • If you have a favorite reporter, include that person as well.  
  • Post City Goverment Month activities on your social media feeds - use #citymonth
  • Tweet your local media photos and videos of CGM activities. Remember, traditional media like newspaper and TV get a lot of their ideas FROM social media. 
  • Be sure you have all proper student photo releases in place before children are photographed or videotaped. 

Help spread the word about City Government Month activities via media and social media!


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